Pricing policy on findbride
  • Most of dating companies have rather high prices for instance one mail may cost you $20 or even more, you may spend $2 per min of online chatting and review the user’s video for $20. Such high pricing scale is rather frequent in this field of dating industry. If returning to the findbride prices, they are as low as: $2.5 per letter, only $0.25 per minute of online chatting, the same price for two-way video streaming and just $1 per viewing of the lady’s introductory video. The price difference is rather evident.

  • Despite such low pricing, the company is still constantly trying to improve the quality of its online resources. If you don’t believe in this, then simply review all of the available findbride comments or register your account on this website.

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What services you can start using on this dating platform?
  • This place is perfect for those people who are searching for love and understanding in the online world. Of course, there isn’t any high statistical data about all the marriages, which were possible only due to this platform. This occurs because this site functions mainly for the quality improvement of the resource and it isn’t trying to show any shocking and in most or the cases unreal statistics.

  • As for the ladies who are registered on this platform they are mainly from Russia and Ukraine. There are lots of reasons why you may chat only with Slavic women, but let’s not concentrate on such unnecessary facts.

  • Let’s return to the services which you can receive on this resource, they are the following: messages, video chats, viewing intro videos, assistance with real date organization and some more. You’ve already found pot the prices of all the available services and it couldn’t be free because the efforts of the team should be paid off.

  • Online acquaintance and dating is the most fascinating experience, which you may have. The only difference between real acquaintance and online is that you don’t need to waste lots of you time on dates and learning about the person. You should just enter the lady’s profile and you will be aware of all the personal information that you need. After reviewing of the ladies profile you will know about everything that relates to her: appearance, family plans, social background and even some hobbies.

Can you be one hundred percent assured in the site’s safety?
  • bothers about the safety of every client. That’s why, there are lots of steps a girls should follow in order to register her account on this dating website. The site’s team checks all the information that is mentioned in the profile prior the allowance to use this resource. Women even prove their marital status before they sign up on this resource. Furthermore, they must prove their real intentions to find a soulmate, and this is easily checked by some psychological tests.

  • After all these important steps, a lady is allowed to use So, if you are still hesitating to register your account on or not to you should just recollect all the benefits of its secure system. There are lots of satisfied users who have shared their thankfulness in findbride comments.

  • To cut a long story short, don’t hesitate and register your account on, this resource will surprise you will a huge number of pretty women and rather reasonable prices.