Found my love on

Hello, everybody! I cannot wait to tell my love story on the dating platform. This is not because I cannot control my emotions, it’s due to the fact that I want to share my private story with those who are still lonely. I was the guy that never had usual relations which lasted more than at least several months. I didn’t believe in long-term relations and I thought that every person had a partner but not me. I was too pessimistic and didn’t try to find the right person, just because I was afraid. And now after I met my love I understood that there are so many people with the same trouble. I decided that it is low self-appraisal. It was totally my case, I never tried but blamed myself for the absence of usual relationship in my live. I never had high criteria for women, but it didn’t help.

found my love on

So, if you are in the same situation as I was almost a year ago I can recommend you the usage of the online dating websites. First of all, when the lady hesitates or doesn’t answer your message you will not feel any sort of regret because you don’t know this person in reality. There are a lot of other factors which made online dating the right choice for me. I used, but you may try any of the other resources. Luckily, there are tons of cool platforms online.

Enough about my personal troubles, let’s start from our story. I was using this website for several weeks already and I vividly remembered one day when I sat in a coffee shop, and opened find-bride. I answered some messages and found a new registered member; her profile was just like mine. I thought that I woman couldn’t have the same goals, ideas and hobbies of me, but it was so. We started chatting and I was so into this conversation that forgot about the time and even was late for the important meeting.

Inna’s photos were usual, but her sense of humor, attentiveness to all the little details and her pretty smile charmed me. She was so talkative and active, maybe you won’t believe but I fell in love immediately.

found my love on

Time difference was rather huge because she was from Ukraine, but I searched for every opportunity to communicate or at least leave a message for her. One day I decided to make a surprise for her, I’d sent a photo of my ticket to Ukraine. Of course, I thought of her reaction and how would she accept this fact; but everything went just perfect. Inna was so happy, she replied immediately. She shared some fears with me, but generally, both of us were looking forward to have a real date.

Everything was great, we were two different people who search for the same. We wanted family happiness and love. When I returned home this miracle of love and happiness disappeared and I felt lonely again. So, I understood, I couldn’t live without her anymore. She supported me and left everything in Ukraine, her job, friend and family and now we live together. We are the happiest couple in the world. I cannot believe, it happened with me, but it did.

To cut a lot story short, try to be more active and you will definitely find your love. If I found my relationship, you could do it as well.