Nothing serious but real love story

Half of the year ago, I was so lonely without any close friends and my mother had passed away three year ago. I had two good colleagues whom I contacted with once a month and not more, because they had family and children. This situation depressed me so much, especially in the long winter evenings and when I had no support in difficult situations.

My workmates gave me hundreds of recommendations how to find a girlfriend, Jo even introduced me to his wife’s friends. Some of these women were rather friendly to me, but no serious intentions from their side. When I stopped regretting about my past relations and feeling sorry for my personal troubles, I decided to start acting.

First thing that I made was registration on several dating websites. The fact that some of the online resources for acquaintances had similar women shocked me immensely. I was not searching for an explanation to this thing because I had plans that are more serious. The next step was my deleting of the accounts from the faked websites. In a month, I left my membership only on There are lots of reasons for such a choice, but the story in not about this.


After three weeks of the active site’s usage, I met Karina. I appreciated her sincerity the most. Almost all of the women whom I chatted with on this website said that they registered just for fun and all the other stuff. But Karina, told me everything about her problems with finding a life partner and serious relations. She was not trying to be idea person with no troubles and pretty face. This woman was real, I felt this in every message and in every word.

We had one common problems and it united us, sometimes we even discussed the possible reasons of our past break-ups. It was rather strange, thought I definitely needed such kind of talks as well as she needed them. Her emotionality also helped me with the understanding of how to express myself. In some way, we were learning from one others and I tried to be better.

Of course, we are not ideal people and we had lots of misunderstandings at first, but there are almost none any more. Our relations developed really fast, be chatted online, then had two real dates and now we are planning our wedding.


So, looking back on my life without Karina and without understanding of healthy and meaningful relations, I can say that everything depends only on you. If a person doesn’t want to change something, nobody will do it for him/her. And any relation is a constant hard work and you should do everything to understand your partner otherwise you will be two unknown people living in the same place. You may even have children and it will not make your marriage better.

To cut a long story short, I am so delighted with the choice of this dating platform. It had changed my life forever and I am thankful for this. That’s why, if you have the same life troubles, may help you to solve your problems. Remember, only one thing, it is not a magical place where everything is made only for you, there are various people with various life understanding, you should just find your type.