My online relations…

Life can be such an unpredictable thing, when someone tells you this fact – you’ll probably say that is too standard quote. It is true, but when something happens with you spontaneously, you start changing your attitude towards this.

Right now, I am a married guy with a beautiful wife and we are waiting for our twin girls. However, two years ago it was like a complete disaster – stressful job, no relations and no time for rest at all. At some point of my successful career, I understood that I shouldn’t waste my personal happiness. Financial stability is okay, but you could not buy everything and everybody. I quit my job, found less stressful one and started looking for meaningful relations. It was not an easy task for me at first, even a job search was simpler.

I tried everything, my friends tried to find a girlfriend for me, I had visited some parties, bars, approached women in my office, but nothing in return. When one day, a close friend of mine had recommended a dating website with Slavic girls. I used dating sites before, but I didn’t think that such a distant relations would be a nice option. I reviewed lots of information on this topic and decided to try it.

I was so shocked when I met my beloved during the second week of my registration. Of course, at that time I didn’t know that she was my love. Ira was just perfect, the best friend, the most beautiful girl and such attentive towards everything. I couldn’t believe that a love search can be so easy, though at the same time I was afraid that it was just an unreal user. Woman couldn’t be so ideal!

Because of my worries and inner troubles, I was afraid to fly to Ukraine for rather long time period. We chatted online for more than a year I think. As all the other people, we had several stages of our virtual relations. At one point, we were even quarreling and completely stopped our communication, but I understood how I was wrong and changed everything. First of all, I changed my attitude towards online relations and the understanding that it could be real. After that, everything was just awesome. My suspicious attitude was ruining everything in my personal sphere.

You’ve already know how our story is developing right now, the only thing that I want to add or to recommend is organize real meetings quicker. Maybe right now, you are sitting in your lonely flat and hesitating to have a real date or not to. If you are doing this, then you are wasting your time as well as your lady’s. Try to be more decisive, only you are responsible for your future and no one can change this fact. Even in case your online girl isn’t as perfect as you thought, you would start searching for new relations quicker and you will definitely find them.