Something about our not ideal date.

I consider myself as an experienced user of all these dating websites. I had used them for rather long time period, but to be honest at that time I had no serious intentions. I chatted with lots of users, had some romantic dates and then I stopped any kind of communication when woman wanted more than just chats and several dates. Maybe it was strange, but it was fun for me and I enjoyed this process so much.

I created my account on with a strong desire to get new emotions and new acquaintances. And I received them, I met lots of interesting people there, we had hundreds of cool conversations on this resource. The best thing for me was meeting with Kate. I got acquainted with her and immediately got interested in her personality, such an extraordinary woman impressed me at once. We had lots of chats, video communications, I sent her some real present and everything developed so quickly for both of us. I reviewed her pretty photos every day, she was so elegant and tender on all of her pics. And this constant romantic messages created really awesome atmosphere of understanding. Day after day, we became really close people to one another, and my main goal just to have fun vanished. At that point, I had more serious plans in relations to Kate. She felt the same.

After two months of our communication, we decided to meet in reality. Both of us were so excited prior our meeting and we discussed everything, planned our first date and waited for it. When we at last met each other, unfortunately it was not a boom of emotions. Yes, I saw the girl from the website, she said me the same things as in our virtual communication, but something was lacking for me. Maybe, I dreamt so much about this ideal date and it turned out to be rather standard. Kate noticed my reaction and we shared our emotions and spent a usual evening together. The next day was little bit better, but still not ideal.

So, I flew back home with the feeling of unrealized ideals and desires. We continued our communication, but like friends. After this date, I had three more meeting with different women from the website. And only after other dates, I understood that I really felt something to Kate. I tried to change something, to return our relations into the romantic mode and everything in vain. She was disappointed with my reaction during our real dates and she didn’t want to contact me anymore.

I did everything for our make up: sent present, asked to forgive me, deleted my info and stopped chatting with other women. One day, she accepted all my efforts and we made up.

Not to share all the other details, because it would be really long story, I want to mention that now everything is ok. We are living together and preparing for our wedding. Kate is the best person in the whole world and I am so grateful that I met her. I couldn’t imagine my life without this elegant pretty girl and her charming smile.